Houses with a Frame Structure

In frame structures, the walls are made out of wooden frames composed of pillars and crossbeams of various sizes and shapes. The external and internal cladding options include various boards (plaster boards, plaster fibre boards, particle boards, wood-cement panels, wood fibreboard, plywood...). The space between the boards is filled with thermal insulation. In buildings with a wooden frame structure, the plug sockets for mechanical and electrical installations are fitted into the individual walls. Ceiling structures are made of wooden ceiling beams of various cross sections with double-sided board cladding as well as insulation of various densities. It is also possible to install a floating floor structure between the ceiling structures to prevent noise transfer to the floors below.

Advantages of houses with a frame structure:

  • The frames consist of pillars and crossbeams
  • A large range of internal and external cladding
  • Fitted plug sockets for mechanical and electrical installations

Reference buildings:

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